How to make casual clothing work for you

How to make casual clothing work for you

There tend to be two types of male fashion aficionados:

1) The dapper chap with a clean cut beard, who exclusively wears tailored blazers and slim fit pants.
2) The sneaker head who manages to look fresh in even the most laidback outfit.

Most of us float in between these two, wearing whatever falls out of our wardrobe first. However, this often means we break one of the most fundamental style rules – wearing smart work wear out of the office.


It’s a trap we all fall into once in our life. In fact, we found out that 1 in 3 of us admit to wearing our work wear out of the office, so isn’t it time to make casual clothing work for you and ditch that stuffy workplace feeling?

Don’t be afraid to embrace a more relaxed look out of office hours. Casual doesn’t have to mean you haven’t made an effort to look good.

Here’s exactly how to make casual clothes work for you.

Casual outfit for showing off leg muscles

As soon as there’s the slightest bit of sun in the sky, it’s time to crack those legs out. Jeans are casual, but nothing beats the freedom of shorts. You’re ready for anything in a pair of shorts, whether that means lazing in a beer garden or having a kick around with the lads.

Not only that, it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those leg muscles you’ve been working on all winter.

What to wear for a casual Tinder date

If you’re meeting someone for a date, the most cringe worthy thing you could do is turn up over-dressed. Again, you might want to ditch your office attire for this one too, especially if you’ve been sat around all day in it.

Fresh is best, so pack a long sleeved polo shirt to change into for a laidback yet smart look and wear your best cologne (not Lynx). It matches the casual tone of the evening and you’ll find that the conversation flows much easily when you’re comfortable in your attire.

A casual outfit that will get me into a club

Every club has a dress code these days and usually it’s just an excuse for bouncers to throw their weight around. That said most of us stick to a shirt and suit pants for a night out these days, just in case. Being turned away for trainers or a football shirt can be an awkward experience to say the least, but you can skate the line between casual and smart without being left out in the cold.

Go for a short-sleeved collared shirt, which looks smart but sports a pattern. This ensures you hit the mark when it comes to the dress code, but it also allows you to stand out with a little creative flair.

The perfect outfit for Sunday

If a ‘case of the Mondays’ strikes, turn to casual clothes that help you wind down before the week ahead. No one wants to spend their Sunday contemplating the week ahead, so step away from those leather shoes and suit jackets. Chill out and grab some casual clothes that are perfect for Sunday lunch down at the pub.

Go for a classic t-shirt with a patterned breast pocket for a flash of colour. Brands such as Weekend Offender turn your average t-shirt into a statement look with just a hint of colour. The subtle addition of pattern and colour pops makes a bland t-shirt much more interesting.


There really is a casual look for any occasion; you simply have to find something that works for you!

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